Mattia Tagliavento

Geochemistry - Sedimentology - Paleontology


Principal publications

Evidence for heterothermic endothermy and reptile-like eggshell mineralization in Troodon, a non-avian maniraptoran theropod.

Tagliavento M., A. J. Davies, M. Bernecker, P. T. Staudigel, R. R. Dawson, M. Dietzel, K. Goetschl, W. Guo, A. S. Schulp, F. Therrien, D. K. Zelenitsky, A. Gerdes, W. Müller, Fiebig J.

PNAS, (In Review)

Clumped Isotope Thermometry applied to bioapatite using a Kiel IV in Long-Integration Dual-Inlet (LIDI) mode.

M. Tagliavento, S. Hofmann, A. Davies, M. Bernecker, P. Staudigel, J. Fiebig

(In prep.)

Towards a new understanding of the genesis of chalk: Diagenetic origin of micarbs confirmed by clumped isotope analysis

M. Tagliavento, Cèdric M. John, K. Anderskouv, L. Stemmerik

Sedimentology, vol. 68, Wiley Online Library, 2021, pp. 513-530

Tropical temperature in the Maastrichtian Danish Basin: Data from coccolith ∆47 and δ18O

M. Tagliavento, C. M. John, L. Stemmerik

Geology, vol. 47, 2019, pp. 1074-1078

Other publications

Dual clumped isotope thermometry of coral carbonate

A.J. Davies, W. Guo, M. Bernecker, M. Tagliavento, J. Raddatz, E. Gischler, S. Flögel, J. Fiebig

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. 338, 2022, pp. 66-78

Deep onshore reflection seismic imaging of the chalk group strata using a 45 kg accelerated weight-drop and combined recording systems with dense receiver spacing

J. Kammann, A. Malehmir, B. Brodic, M. Tagliavento, E. Nørmark, H. Lykke-Andersen, L. Nielsen

Geophysics, vol. 84, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, 2019, pp. B259--B268

Frequency analysis across the drowning of Lower Jurassic Carbonate Platform: the Calcare Massiccio Formation (Apennines, Italy)

M. Brandano, L. Corda, L. Tomassetti, M. Tagliavento

Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol. 78, 2016, pp. 606-620


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